Family and consumer sciences

The program comprises five teaching areas that emphasize those concepts and skills necessary for the management of resources, family relationships and the achievement of an optimal quality of life. These are the following: Family relationships and the development of human beings in their social and ecological environment; Home management and consumer education; The house and its environment; Fundamentals of nutrition to family feeding; and, The clothing and the textile field. These experiences also fulfill the purpose of stimulating the exploration of possible occupations related to them.


Family relationships and the development of human beings in their social and ecological environment
In this area, the family and the human being will be studied in all stages of their physical, mental, emotional and social development, and the responsibility that parents have to provide desirable situations to achieve a successful family life.
Home management and maintenance

In this area, the processes related to the formulation of goals, decision-making and the use and control of human, material and economic resources used in the establishment and administration of the home will be studied.

The house and its environment

In this area, the physical components of the home and their influence on the optimal development of the human being will be studied. Emphasis is placed on aspects of the physical environment of the home in accordance with the family’s resources, values, and goals. Also, the importance of keeping the environment that surrounds us in optimal conditions is explained. Basic concepts of home decoration and its influence on the quality of family life are included.

Fundamentals of nutrition and family feeding

In this area, the importance of good nutrition in human health will be studied. It works to understand the benefits of using the principles of nutrition in the selection and preparation of nutritious foods for the family.

Clothing and textile field

In this area the student will acquire knowledge about clothing and textiles, considering the psychological, social and aesthetic approach that these have for the individual and the family. At the same time, it analyzes the various alternatives to acquire and care for the dress, according to the available resources and the aesthetic values that are sustained. Also, you will do simple sewing projects.